We give more care on training teachers. Teachers are the back bone of any educational institution. Master brain abacus academy is purely practical oriented. So face to face class is necessary, teachers should have thorough knowledge regarding the importance of fingering and speed of abacus practice. So teachers should take training under well experience hand. teachers should also attend the level exam within the time limit.


Memory is not a talent, but a skill which can be developed through a variety of techniques with constant practice.

The father of memory is interest and mother is repetition.

Memory is our ability to bring the points,ideas,facts,figures etc. from the storehouse mind to the show room mind, there is nothing like good memory and poor memory.It is only trained memory and untrained memory. The best way to improve one’s memory is to constantly register facts, figures and ideas into the mind with conscious effort creativity and imagination.

For this

  • Peg system or number system
  • Roman room system
  • Story telling
  • Alphabet system

Using these methods one can memorise hundreds of figures,facts and words. There is facilities to master this technique in Master brain abacus centres.