Master Brain Abacus franchisee is avail to the person who has entrepreneurial skill, achievement orientation, ability to manage administration, the pioneering effort to participate in the noble work in building the future world class citizen. Master Brain Abacus franchisee and training is available at very reasonable rate. Master Brain Abacus has its franchisees in India and even Abroad. We give opportunities to start centres at village, taluk, district and state level.


All types of schools can take the master brain abacus franchisee and conduct the classes for the same school children. In the case of training the same school teachers can take the training and teach the children. Each teacher is needed to spend only two periods per week. Other options are master brain abacus teachers would come to the school and give training. In this case training can be given during class timing. Weekly two abacus period and free periods also can be used by abacus teachers. In this case the problem of absenteeism of the teachers can also be easily solved. If one school find some time daily, they could achieve a lot of benefits within short span of time. Teaching difficulties will be reduced. All the portions could be finished very fast because the students who learn and practice abacus are so smart and active. Their grasping power is so high comparing with others.

A teacher could finish teaching a content very fast using ¼ time of actual teaching. Weekdays evening and weekend classes are also available for the school children. Many parents are suffering to take their ward to far away Abacus centres on Sundays. So it will be great blessing for the students if the school gives the opportunity to get the classes in school itself.

Even educated housewives and the students over 20years can also take the franchisee and establish their own centres and work as part time. To train 20 – 25 students they need only 2 to 4 hours weekly. The remuneration and the job satisfaction will be more while comparing with other jobs.

Educated widows and students could take the franchisee at free of cost and abacus teacher training at 50% discount.